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The re-structure and re-launch of EasyFX, a prepaid multi-currency card



The Brief: 

To transform EasyFX into a retail brand


EasyFX is a multi-currency account and prepaid travel card. The ask was to rebrand and relaunch  the institutional brand into a crowded fintech prepaid travel card market. 

Key Challenges:

A crowded marketplace with digital fintech disruptors such as Revolut and Transferwise making waves and key players like FairFX making landmark improvements to their digital offering. Not forgetting the competition from traditional FX players like the bureaus de changes, bank forex tellers and debit card withdrawals abroad.


We also recognised the need to shift EasyFX from a more traditional institutional brand that operated on the periphery of the retail foreign exchange market, to creating a digital product that could hold its competitive ground against the innovative fintechs without isolating its existing customers.  


The working included: 

Business consulting and strategy

Redesign of the brand, branding collateral, the website, the mobile app

Updated the customer support protocol and included a digital element

Digital marketing communications - taking the new brand to market

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